Freedom Libertad

Representing and responding to sex workers in Spain

Our story

Spain has the highest population in Europe buying sex, and is acknowledged as a key driver in the sexual exploitation of illegal immigrants, predominantly women from Africa and Romania. In 2013, we formed a small not-for-profit to represent and respond to the needs of sex workers in Spain. Our approach is person-centred and conciliatory. In other words, consistent and adaptive, non-conditional (without personal or political agenda), and respectful of an individual’s motivations, goals, beliefs, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

Our 3 practical outreach steps are helping to bring greater aspects of freedom into the lives of sex workers (What we do). Alongside, we aim to increase awareness of the realities of sex trafficking, and forced and voluntary prostitution, and therefore more appropriate and effective objectives and support practices.

Our name

The Spanish word for freedom is ‘libertad’. Our name symbolises the aspiration of sex workers in Spain (freedom takes many forms, for many different reasons) and the life-enhancing relationships and activities we aim to build and accomplish together.

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